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Rural Post Office To Take Up Oil Painting Or Something

A COUNTY Tipperary post office has admitted today to not knowing what the future holds after the government announced that 80 of its fellow branches may be closed across the country in a cost-cutting measure. Speaking from its main street location, the rural post office explained that there isn’t much work out there for businesses of its… Read more »

European Think Tank Fills Useless Bollocks Position

THE Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) has today confirmed it has filled a previously advertised position for a useless bollocks with former Irish Taoiseach, Brian Cowen. Funded by big business, including AIB, Bank of Ireland, building giant CRH, Denis O’Brien’s Digicel, Google and Goldman Sachs, the non-profit policy research body said it was delighted to also announce that John… Read more »

Digicel To Cut 25% Of Workforce As Denis O’Brien Focuses On Litigation Full Time

BILLIONAIRE Denis O’Brien’s telecommunications outfit Digicel have announced a 25% cut in their total global workforce as the company attempts to restructure and dedicate resources to allowing O’Brien pursue litigation on a full time basis. “It’s not just civil cases he enjoys, Denis wants to see what else is out there in the world of… Read more »

Planet Now 47% Facebook Data Centres

A RECENT survey of the planet’s surface performed by NASA has found that almost half of the Earth is now entirely covered by some 23,000,000 Facebook data centres, raising fears it may be totally consumed by 2070 if legislation is not introduced to curb the phenomenon. The survey found that a total of 92,543,000 mi²… Read more »