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Average Salary Of An Accountant Still The Most Exciting Thing About An Accountant

NEWS that the average salary of a chartered accountant in Ireland has climbed to over €100,000, has served as another reminder their sizeable income is still the most compelling thing about them. While engaging in interesting small talk with accountants has always been rumoured to occur occasionally, but never proven, sustained levels of amusing exchanges… Read more »

Harvey Norman Sale Ends After 15 Years

THE long-running sale of furniture and electrical goods in superstore Harvey Norman is to come to an end next week, with everything returning to full price for the first time in 15 years. Although the retail giants have threatened that the sale “must end soon”, many people we spoke to admitted that they never truly… Read more »

5 Business Buzzwords You Should Be Using Right Now

BUSINESS! Almost everyone is part of one. Profits. That’s something businesses want. Buzzwords. The only way you can achieve businessy profiting is by wowing your customer base with words that buzz or as experts refer to them ‘buzzwords’. We’ve got 6 hot off the press buzzwords that if you’re not already using you really should… Read more »