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Planet Now 47% Facebook Data Centres

A RECENT survey of the planet’s surface performed by NASA has found that almost half of the Earth is now entirely covered by some 23,000,000 Facebook data centres, raising fears it may be totally consumed by 2070 if legislation is not introduced to curb the phenomenon. The survey found that a total of 92,543,000 mi²… Read more »

Up To 87 People Affected By Yahoo Hack

THE personal details of dozens of people were leaked online in what is being described as the worst hack in the history of the search engine Yahoo, WWN can confirm. Details of the 2014 hack emerged earlier this week, but are only becoming widespread knowledge today due to the fact that only 200, maybe 300… Read more »

Denis O’Brien’s Media Control Continues As He Buys Parish Newsletter For €4 Million

IRISH billionaire and media magnate Denis O’Brien has further consolidated his grip on the Irish media after purchasing a leading publication, the Ballyhibbert Parish Newsletter, for €4 million. The newsletter’s editorial direction will remain unchanged for the 2-page parish publication according to inside sources, and backers of a free and balanced press had their fears… Read more »