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Facebook To Charge Users To View Their Own Posts

SOCIAL Network giant Facebook has started testing a system that charges users to view their own posts. The ‘promote to yourself’ system is currently being trialled in America, and stops users seeing their own posts unless they pay a small fee of $7. The world’s largest on-line community, which announced last month that it has crossed the… Read more »

Moses Suing Apple And Samsung Over Tablet Patent

RELIGIOUS leader Moses is suing rival tablet makers  Samsung and Apple over the design of their touch screen computer  products, which includes the I-pad and Galaxy ‘Tab’ PC. The Hebrew lawsuit claims that both companies are copying Moses’ original design for the ten commandment tablets which he created on mount Sinai over 2000 years ago. The prophet… Read more »

Facebook Apologises After Confusing Cost Of Market ‘Shares’ With ‘Share Shares’

ANALYSTS at Facebook’s IPO underwriters have admitted today to accidentally pricing actual stock market shares with the social networks own ‘share’ option which is frequently used by its 800 million members. WWN has learned that the research analysts at the company’s lead underwriters – Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan—had cut their earnings estimates for… Read more »