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People Take To Shouting Status Updates In The Street As Facebook Experiences Problems

 As news spread like wildfire across the world that Facebook is currently unable to allow status updates there were countless scenes of hysteria. Here in Ireland, Gardaí were called to a disturbing scene in Dublin’s O’Connell street where hundreds of people walked around aimlessly shouting out every inane thought that entered their heads. WWN was… Read more »

Clare Man Realises He Has Given Away Soul After Reading I-Tunes Terms And Conditions

Diarmuid Kelly, a Clare native, was shocked to discover that he had unwittingly sold his soul to a company by agreeing to the website’s terms and conditions. Like most people, Diarmuid didn’t have the time to read through over 14,000 words worth of ‘data use policy’, ‘waiver and indemnity’ and ‘privacy’ so he instead instinctively… Read more »

Curry’s Apologise To Internet For Not Filming Dancing Job Applicants

CURRY’S has made a formal apology to internet users today for not recording dancing job applicants and uploading the videos to you-tube. Thousands of people were left disgusted after it was revealed the group did not bother to film this weeks antics. “Its bad form.” said one self confessed internet troll. “You can’t just do… Read more »