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Ger Killally Seems like Is A Bit Of A Prick Anyway, Agrees Nation

THE IRISH nation agreed today that politician and developer, Ger Killally, who was lucky to escape serious injury after a gun attack yesterday, seems like a bit of a prick anyway and was probably asking for it. The 42-year-old former Fianna Fail councillor and owner a a massive home in Offaly despite being bankrupt, was carrying a five figure sum… Read more »

Bankers Warn New Salary Cap Will Only Attract Honest Personnel To The Business

THE Institute of Bankers in Ireland has today warned the government that a cap on bankers’ pay will only attract honest personnel to the business. In a three hour emergency meeting with the group, chairman of the board Paul Gallagher cautioned Ireland about the introduction of honesty into the occupational role of banking, stating it would be the ‘beginning of the end’… Read more »

Facebook To Charge Users To View Their Own Posts

SOCIAL Network giant Facebook has started testing a system that charges users to view their own posts. The ‘promote to yourself’ system is currently being trialled in America, and stops users seeing their own posts unless they pay a small fee of $7. The world’s largest on-line community, which announced last month that it has crossed the… Read more »