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Drug Trade To Be Recognised By FAS

Yet more good cheer as we approach Christmas with the announcement today that FAS will recognise the burgeoning drugs trade by implementing a course of its own on the discipline. The past several months have seen drug seizure after drug seizure resulting in a tough environment for those working in the industry. Course coordinator Michael… Read more »

Kerry Hospitals Now Charging Patients For Oxygen

FOLLOWING on from recent revelations that staff at two Kerry hospitals have been charging staff for boiling water, comes the shocking news that patients are being charged for vital oxygen too. Many Irish people were outraged that staff were being charged for boiling water that accompanies their tea. Pressure has been put on the Government… Read more »

Price Of Stupidity Higher In Ireland, Claim Dentists

DENTISTS across the country have defended their high prices today by claiming the the cost of stupidity in Ireland is far greater than anywhere else in Europe. The Irish Dental Association admitted that the average cost of a filling here is up to 50% more expensive because Irish people are actually stupid enough to pay… Read more »