Husband Stockpiling Comeback Arguments In His Head

FOLLOWING a heated argument over constantly putting side plates on top of dinner plates in the press, local husband Jamie Kehoe vowed to take revenge on his wife’s latest jibe, by carefully compiling a series of comeback arguments in his head for future reference. “Well, at least I don’t leave the shower looking like a hairdresser’s floor,”… Read more »

Theresa May Opens Zumba Class

FAR from the frail-looking woman who resigned as prime minister in July, the Theresa May who met WWN outside her newly-opened Zumba dance studio in London today is a fresh-faced, agile lady, with a body covered in sheets of glistening muscle. “I’ve never felt better,” beamed May, drinking from one of those fancy sports water bottles in… Read more »

Local Woman To Become Next Suzanne Jackson After Posting Picture Of Lip Gloss On Instagram

A NEW BEAUTY empire was launched today after local woman Jessica Phelan (22) posted a picture of just her hand holding some lip gloss with the caption ‘can’t live without this. So good and stays on really well.’ on Instagram. While Phelan avoided direct comparisons to SoSueMe head honcho Suzanne Jackson, whose company recently recorded… Read more »

The New Galway Busker Rules Explained

GALWAY City Council has come under fire this week over new busking bylaws which will see street performers regulated like they’re part of some kind of uniformed society that caters for and listens to all aspects of the local community, WWN has learned. Hellbent on creating free flowing movement throughout the city centre, the Council will now dictate when and how buskers… Read more »