Everything You Need To Know About Jeremy Hunt

THE race to become leader of the Conservative Party has been whittled down to just two candidates, The Right Honourable Boris Johnson, and The Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt. Although plenty is known about Boris Johnson thanks to his tireless work as a political mastermind with a firm grasp on right and wrong… but what about his… Read more »

Dublin Finding Glitter Everywhere

THE city of Dublin awoke to its usual Monday morning rush this morning only to find bits of glitter in absolutely every nook and cranny across the city, WWN can confirm. Commuters reported small bits of the multi-coloured sand-like substance everywhere along their route with many trains delayed due to glitter on the tracks. “Both the Dart and Luas… Read more »

WWN’s Weekend Sport Recap

IT’S BEEN another fantastic few days of sport and WWN is here to catch you up on all the thrills, spills and performance enhancing pills. There was much surprise as Martin O’Neill was sacked by Nottingham Forest just 6 months into his tenure there. In keeping with his reputation as yesterday’s man, completely out of… Read more »

Stormzy Weather Warning Issued For Glastonbury

METEOROLOGISTS have administered a Stormzy weather warning for the Glastonbury music festival, with the BBC set to transmit pictures of the rare phenomenon experts say will occur at 22.15pm tonight and cause posh people to feel uncomfortable. It had been predicted the area would experience showers of banger after banger over the weekend, but political… Read more »

Eiffel Tower Slowly Beginning To Melt In Heatwave

MAINLAND EUROPE is in the grips of an unprecedented recording-setting heat wave and French authorities are now on high alert as the Eiffel Tower is slowly beginning to melt in the intense and unrelenting heat. The famous tower was constructed at a time when the average temperatures during summer were far lower than the ones… Read more »