Here’s What The HSE Is Fucking Up Today

AS HAS become apparent in recent years it is near impossible for the average person to keep abreast of the large volume of fuck ups overseen by senior officials at the HSE and in the Department of Health, which is why WWN has produced this daily guide to keep you informed. Apologies we haven’t done… Read more »

Caster Semenya Sentenced To Death By Comments

FEMALE athlete Caster Semenya has lost her landmark case against the International Association Of Athletics Federation, and has been taken away to begin her long, slow execution at the hands of thousands of online commentators. The IAAF ruling, upheld by court of arbitration for Sport, deemed that Semenya’s testosterone levels beyond what was considered ‘valid to compete fairly’… Read more »

WWN Previews Barcelona V Liverpool

WWN Sport previews this mouthwatering semi-final between Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side and *checks Wikipedia* ‎Ernesto Valverde’s Barcelona. Incredibly, both sides are unbeaten in all competitions since January and possess some of the most talented and dedicated footballers in the world playing at the apex of their sport; meaning a loss for either side will see… Read more »

“3rd Time Lucky” CIA Warns Venezuela After 2nd Failed Coup

“We nearly got you this time, we really did,” CIA Director Gina Haspel remarked at this week’s failed coup d’état attempt in Venezuela funded and instigated by the American intelligence agency for the second time in 20 years, with first coming in 2001 which failed to topple Hugo Chavez. Director Haspel’s jest comes after Nicolás Maduro claimed his troops… Read more »