Lack Of ‘Sexy’ Irish Words Hindering Erotic Novelist

Minister for Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht Jimmy Deenihan has come under intense criticism from the country’s leading Irish language erotic novelist, Niamh O’Moore. Miss O’Moore whose books have set the Irish speaking percentage of the populations’ hearts racing believes the minister needs to support the growing area of Irish literature known affectionately as ‘Clit Lit’…. Read more »

Man Has A Great Idea For An App

 WWN is proud to give a voice to the young and innovative people of Ireland. This week James O’Donovan, a 31-year-old marketing executive, has a great idea for an app: I’ve always been a bit of an ideas man, but I, like many people in this current economic climate, lack to the ability to fund… Read more »

Morgan Freeman Is The New Voice Of The Irish Aurals

Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn is yet again courting fresh controversy after announcing a number of changes to the Irish Junior and Leaving Certificate curriculum. One change which has immediately come under intense and impassioned criticism is the use of Oscar winning actor Morgan Freeman as the new voice of the Irish Aural exams. Bewildered… Read more »

World Acting Like The Syrian War Has Gone Away

In some fortuitous news for embattled despot Bashar Al Assad it seems the World has decided to forget there is a civil war ongoing in Syria Following the recent developments regarding chemical weapons and their use in the conflict many of the World’s leading politicians have put everything on hold in order to shy away… Read more »

Feng Shui Makeover In City Centre Smack Den ‘A Big Hit’ With The Addicts

ANGELIC, enchanting and pulchritudinous were just some of the words used by user Martin ‘Nailers’ Johnson when he described the new €7.34 makeover. Nailers has revealed that he consulted with a well known Chinese feng shui expert before rearranging the ‘spent’ residence, tilting the scarface poster several degrees and setting up a ‘no smoke zone’… Read more »