Incredible Moment Woman Farts For The Very First Time

A WAITRESS from Clare was traumatised today as she experienced the sensation of flatulence for the very first time. Maria O’ Mahony had just sat down to watch Home and Away before starting her shift at Italian restaurant Giardino Fresco when a thundering noise erupted from her stomach and escaped out through her anus. “I… Read more »

Keith Barry Arrested For Brain Hacking

WATERFORD Gardai have arrested Irish stage mentalist Keith Barry this morning at his home for the alleged “brain hacking” of 4,000 people over a 3 year period. Mr. Barry was brought to Ballybricken Garda station at 9am this morning for questioning, but was later transferred to a “mind safe” facility in Cork University after several… Read more »

US Scientist Caught Taking Artificially Grown Vagina Home

BEN FISHER a research assistant at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in North Carolina was discovered attempting to bring an artificially grown vagina with him as he leaving for the night. This news comes after last week the Wake Forest institute announced that vaginas were successfully implanted into four teenage girls who have… Read more »