Garda Inquiry As Beastiality Ring Infiltrate Ploughing Championships

AFTER a crowd of 80,000 people attended the opening day of this year’s Ploughing Championships organisers were understandably ecstatic at the event’s success. The championships are seen by many as a celebration of rural life and the agriculture industry which is worth in excess of €9 billion annually to the economy. However, organisers awoke this… Read more »

Obama Calls For Tougher Kenyan Gun Control Laws

AMERICAN PRESIDENT Barack Obama has called for tougher gun control laws in Kenya this evening after 62 people were killed in a shopping mall in the African country. Mr. Obama condemned the Kenyan government for its lackadaisical approach to automatic weapons, and called on the state to ‘clamp down’ on arms distribution. “It shames me… Read more »

Dublin Urged To Go Home To Bed

THE NATION has urged Dublin to go home to bed this morning after the city went on a massive bender last night, following yesterdays All-Ireland football championship win in Croke Park. Absolutely every supporter was said to be still out drinking, forcing many of their culchie work colleagues to work extra hard this Monday. Many… Read more »

You Know You’re Irish When……

1:Everyone you have ever talked to in your whole life confirms the fact that you are indeed Irish. Your mother, father, sisters and brothers constantly tell you that, you, and everyone else that lives around you, are Irish. There is no conspiracy here my friend. 2: If you are about to board a plane and… Read more »

French And English Rugby Teams Announce New Tournament

The announcement of a new tournament comes hot on the heels of the recent news that French and English teams would no longer be participants in the marquee European rugby tournament the Heineken Cup. A joint-statement from the heads of the French and English associations, Peirre Camou (of Topbet)and Mike McCafferty, was read aloud at… Read more »

Assad Regime Behind Dail Lock Out Protest, Warns Irish Media

THE IRISH press has warned that the Assad regime maybe behind the lock-out protest at Leinster house today, which is currently being overseen be a substantial number of Gardai. Hundreds of officers were drafted in amid fears that demonstrators would attempt a military style coup on the Government, coining the phrase ‘The Cathoilc Spring’ among witty… Read more »