Waterford Feeling Fairly Exotic After Landslide

As a result of a landslide at Plunkett Railway Station in Waterford on New Year’s Eve local residents have confessed to feeling ‘fairly exotic’. “You just don’t often hear ‘Waterford’ and ‘landslide’ in the same sentence, it’s like something out of those disasters ye hear about in the Caribbean or the movies,” said local shop… Read more »

Cork Confirm They Have Better Floods Than Dublin

Cork natives have been quick to dispel rumours that the current floods they are experiencing are in some way inferior to any floods Dublin has been subjected to. “Ah c’mon our floods are class, much better than anything that shower in Dublin could come up with,” shared local county councillor Gregory O’Connor. “Sure, just look… Read more »

Grammar Nazi’s Day Ruined After Seeing Spalling Mistake

27-year-old Masters student Donal Flynn was all set to enjoy a stress free day until he spotted a spalling mistake in an article posted by a friend on their Facebook feed. The seemingly inconsequential occurrence drew considerable ire from Flynn, compelling him to point out the spalling mistake to his friend with Flynn even suggesting… Read more »

Man High On Meth Who Fought Off Policemen While Masturbating Declared World’s First Male Multi-Tasker

37-year-old Andrew Frey made international headlines this week after news spread of his extraordinary altercation with American police officials. While in an Oregan restaurant Frey reportedly engaged in a series of outbursts before police arrived on the scene to subdue him. Unfortunately for the police officers Frey was high on crystal meth and he made… Read more »

WWN’s Timeline To Quitting The Fags

  •  20 minutes Its been twenty whole minutes since your last ever smoke. You begin to panic throw away whatever tobacco is left in the house. You peer through your closed blinds, wondering what will become of the world now that you’ve given up. Maybe you should have waited till Monday. Monday is always… Read more »