Toddler Gives Not One Single Fuck About Zoo

A trip to Dublin Zoo by Waterford couple Mark and Brenda Hart and their 15 month old son Jack went ahead at the weekend, despite the child’s absolute lack of interest in anything other than scribbling and banging bits of Lego together. Showing utter disregard for his parents €170 season ticket, the young man spent… Read more »

Latest Guinness Ad Wearing Out Its Welcome At This Stage

The incredibly popular ‘The Sapeurs’ Guinness advertisment which portrays the lives of fashion conscious Congolese men has finally out stayed its welcome, it has emerged. The latest Guinness promotion has flooded the airwaves recently with its inspiring tale of men dressing colourfully who are probably connected to Guinness in some way or another or why… Read more »

Shatter ‘Loving’ All The Attention He’s Getting Lately

JUSTICE MINISTER Alan Shatter said he is ‘absolutely loving’ all the media coverage he’s been getting lately and is looking forward to interacting with everyone in the Dáil today. The stylish 63-year-old turned up to Leinster house sporting a neatly tailored Armani suit and pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses, telling the awaiting press ‘Today is… Read more »

‘Yeah? Well Try Giving Birth!’ Says Childless Woman

WWN can exclusively report that a Carlow woman caused quite a stir in her local pub late last night. Vicky Plunkett, a student from Carlow town, was enjoying a few drinks last night with friends when discussion turned to sporting injuries. One by one, a number of male friends produced various scars they had picked… Read more »