Twins Just Delighted To Be Dressed Exactly The Same

Two years old twins Eloise and Elodie Duffy are believed to be overjoyed at the news that this evening’s costume change will see them dressed in identical outfits. The twins were looking forward to a family dinner celebrating their second birthdays, but much of that excitement has now dulled upon learning they will probably never… Read more »

Incredibly Boring Person Insists On Telling A Story

A group of friends gathered for dinner in the house of Daniel Fitzgerald yesterday evening in the hope of enjoying some good company and even better food. However, the night was to take a coma-inducing turn when Andrew ‘Andy’ Mongey decided to share with his friends a long and terribly uninteresting story. Bouyed by the… Read more »

33rd County Discovered By Family Out For A Stroll

Ireland is in shock today as news broke of the discovery of a 33rd county. Newsrooms up and down the country, including our own, are working flat out to obtain more details about what could be the biggest development in Irish history since the foundation of the State. The Moore family from Strandhill in Sligo… Read more »

Ireland To Return To The Bond Markets, Whatever They Are

WWN understands many Irish people are reacting positively to the news that Ireland is to return to the bond markets imminently, whatever they are. The National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) is to issue a 10-year government bond which bodes well for the overall health and future of the Irish economy, we think. WWN’s resident financial… Read more »