Sex Advice Column Just A Series Of Words Chosen At Random

PRECOCIOUS student Donal Connelly (19) made a startling discovery earlier today while reading a sex advice column. Donal had been an avid reader of a sex column for several years in an attempt to bypass the rite of passage that is awkward and disappointing sex which plagues most peoples’ early forays into sexual intercourse. Donal,… Read more »

New CIA Evidence Reveals JFK Committed Suicide

THE AMERICAN Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has released concrete evidence that proves that assassinated president John F Kennedy actually committed suicide 50 years ago. The CIA stated that graphic testimony given by Jackie Kennedy showed beyond reasonable doubt that her husband orchestrated a mock assassination before taking his own life with a concealed revolver he… Read more »

Price Of Stupidity Higher In Ireland, Claim Dentists

DENTISTS across the country have defended their high prices today by claiming the the cost of stupidity in Ireland is far greater than anywhere else in Europe. The Irish Dental Association admitted that the average cost of a filling here is up to 50% more expensive because Irish people are actually stupid enough to pay… Read more »