Daniel Day-Lewis to Spend Six Months Living as Daniel Day-Lewis in Preparation For Role of Daniel Day-Lewis in Biopic of Daniel Day-Lewis

Three-time Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis is to begin preparation on his most challenging role to date as himself in a biopic of his life entitled “Daniel Boy”, due for release Christmas 2015. The actor is said to have begun preparation for the role ahead of an August shooting date. Known for his extreme method… Read more »

Kerry Whistle Blower Worried About His Future

TRADITIONAL MUSIC enthusiast Michael Walsh finished his set to an ecstatic applause from the punters of the Hogs Head bar in Tralee. He wiped down his moist whistle and took a well deserved bow; his polished smile hiding his ever racing mind. “This could be my last ever performance.” he told me backstage, sipping a… Read more »

Facebook Makes $54 Trillion Bid For The Internet

IN A bold move for online domination, social networking site Facebook told the world today it will bid $54 trillion for the world wide web, making it their biggest purchase to date. The proposed deal sent shares in Mark Zucherber’gs company up as much as 76% percent in trading after the closing bell of the… Read more »

JobBridge Intern Back From Unsanctioned Week Away

Kevin Murray’s future at the coalface of 21st century journalism hangs in the balance after he finally presented himself at work this morning. The media studies graduate was expected to arrive at the offices to clean the toilets last Thursday at 6am but his failure to do so confirmed a number of suspicions his co-workers… Read more »