Republican Band Write Over 400 Ballads About Gerry Adams

REPUBLICAN ska-band ‘Feeling IRA Man’ have made a touching tribute to interned Sinn Féin fabulist Gerry Adams by writing 400 individual ballads about his wrongful imprisonment at the hands of the PSNI. Lead singer and writer with the band Martin O’Dowd admitted to crying several times while writing touching tributes such as ‘What Would Gerry… Read more »

Racist Clarkson Admits He’s Never Eaten A Banana

FURTHER shocking revelations have emerged relating to scientifically proven racist man Jeremy Clarkson. The Top Gear presenter had been on the receiving end of well deserved criticism following his mumbling of a well known variant on a popular nursery rhyme. “His diction was deplorable,” offered media expert Henry Clulisse, “I could barely make out the… Read more »

Molly Malone Statue Forced To Emigrate

The latest victim of the post-Celtic Tiger sting in the tail is sadly one of Ireland’s most beloved landmarks and hearty slappers, sweet Molly Malone. “This is indicative of the kind of damage the government’s current jobs policy results in,” shared a politician whose name we didn’t bother writing down. While the fishmonger profession, along… Read more »