Parents Hold Secret Ballot On Which Child They Prefer

The Higgins household had been the scene of ferocious campaigning in recent weeks as rumours of a secret ballot being held reached the children of the family Emily and Josh. Parents Patrick and Nuala had planned to carry out a secret ballot for some time in order to decide once and for all who was… Read more »

Large Increase In Number Of Prison Inmates Opting For Banking Related Courses

THE Central Applications Office (CAO) has reported a significant increase in the number of prison inmates opting for banking related courses. Figures show that compared  to last year, there’s a 67% jump in convicted criminals hoping to study financial subjects this September. “Usually inmates here in Mountjoy take up practical subjects like construction, as most of them haven’t completed… Read more »

Use Of Air Quotes Still The Easiest Way To Spot If Someone’s A Prick

THE EXPERIMENTAL field of pricology has yielded some interesting results thanks to the conclusion of the latest study by the Institute of Studies WWN can exclusively reveal. After closely observing unbearable pricks in their natural habitats lead researchers discovered the common thread running through their behaviour was the shameless use of air quotes. “It has… Read more »