Irish Energy Company Morals Downgraded To ‘Banking’

MORAL RATINGS Agency Dooley’s have downgraded Irish gas supplier Bord Gais to a ‘banking level’ yesterday, after the energy supplier, announced it would yet again increase its cost for fuel by another 1.47%. The price hike, which will come into effect next month, is the second in four weeks, bringing the total rise to 3.67%…. Read more »

Cinema Popcorn Nearing €1,000 A Barrel

IRISH CINEMAS predicted today that the price of popcorn will climb to €1,000 a barrel before the end of the year. Political pressure on Ireland from the EU and the depreciation of the euro have caused a surge in cinema popcorn prices. The ‘specialised popcorn’ has more than doubled in 10 years and has touched… Read more »

Davy Fitz Talks Openly About His Chicken Salad Sandwich

FEASTING HIS sky blue eyes down to the S-Club 7 lunch box resting on his lap, Clare hurling boss Davy Fitzgerald reveals exclusively for the first time how much he hated tomatoes and lettuce growing up as a child. “I couldn’t even stand the look of tomato’s,” he said emotionally, while unravelling his chicken salad… Read more »

Pub Sees .00034% Drop In Business As Lent Begins

The struggling pub trade has been served yet another blow following news that with the commencement of Lent the Up In Arms Inn has suffered a .00034% drop in business. WWN spoke with owner and proprietor of the Up In Arms Inn Colm O’Sullivan about this latest worrying news. “Ah, look it, I knew it… Read more »

Every Fucking Thing May Pose Cancer Risk, Finds Study

EVERY fucking thing may pose a high risk of cancer, according to a controversial new study published that contradicts previous research that says the opposite of the first study, the study claimed today. Oxford University found that everything you eat, drink, smell and touch can put you at a much higher risk of getting the… Read more »