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Spanish Lessons Concerned and newly divorced father looking for Spanish grinds for son as Leaving Cert is fast approaching. Looking for someone who is fluent in Spanish, but more importantly is between the ages of 18-30 and looks like Salma Hayek. Cannot stress enough the importance of looking like Salma Hayek. Ring Richie on 086-4569-9261… Read more »

“God Obviously Wants To Keep His Messenger On Earth For Another Few Years” – Bono

U2 FRONTMAN Bono cheated death yesterday afternoon when a door fell off an aeroplane that was carrying him and four friends to Berlin. The aircraft’s entire tailgate section had also completely detached, with luggage falling 8,000 feet into the German countryside. “God obviously wants to keep his messenger on earth for another few years,” said… Read more »

Politicians Add 1916 Commemorations To List Of Things They’ll Ruin For Everyone Else

THE Irish people have reacted angrily at the political class and their insistence that they be allowed to ruin absolutely everything, including the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising. While many members of the public foolishly thought all major political parties could reach a consensus on some level regarding the commemorations, their naive hope has… Read more »

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Slapper Laughs Reality TV show starring Katie Price. This six part series documents the everyday life and times of Britain’s most talked about socialite. Episode one: Katie brings our team to a large bank vault in the Camen Islands while she laughs profusely at everyone who took her persona seriously while rolling around in large… Read more »