Sharing Heartwarming Videos To Become Mandatory By 2015

NEW legislation being drafted will make it mandatory for social network users to post every heartwarming video you see from 2015 onwards. Governments worldwide are joining forces to ensure that the new policy is enforced to the letter of the law, after learning that hundreds of heartwarming moments shared between family members and/or their pets,… Read more »

Liverpool Fans Terrified It May All Be A Dream

Large swathes of Liverpool fans are routinely checking they are in fact operating in the realm known as ‘reality’ following the club’s ascension to the top of the Premier League table with just 6 games left to play. Liverpool, a club rich in history and success, finds itself in first position in the league with… Read more »

‘World’s Greatest Mom’ Goes Back To Being Ignored By Children

Sheila Mannion, a 59-year-old mother of 4, received unparalleled acclaim yesterday from her children Stephen, Sarah, Paul and Ciara. Unlike the rest of the Nation’s mothers, Sheila was unequivocally declared the World’s greatest mother and as a result was showered with attention and a number of reasonably priced gifts. Sheila was held in long, loving… Read more »