Mila Kunis ‘Ruined Now’, Say Men

THOUSANDS of single men across the world were left devastated today after news that Mila Kunis was pregnant with Ashton Kutchers child.  The actress is said to be planning for her first celebrity baby, just weeks after the couple announced they will be walking down the aisle together. At home, hundreds of distraught men were left heart-broken by… Read more »

Irish Singer-Songwriter Looking Up Words That Rhyme With Love

WWN can exclusively reveal that Galway based singer-songwriter Conal Solemné is frantically looking up words that rhyme with ‘love’ ahead of the recording of his debut album ‘Me & You’. Conal has forgone cool, trendy music such as EDM and Dubstep to focus on a pared back bare sound which focuses solely on deep and… Read more »

Garda Commissioner Under Pressure To Be Good At His Job

Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan is said to be on the verge of resigning from his position after a number of politicians suggested he should apologise for remarks made about the recent Garda whistleblowers. Leading Government Ministers have gone even further, demanding that Commissioner Callinan start carrying out his duties to the standard expected of him…. Read more »

Kurt Cobain Still Dead, New Evidence Reveals

NEW PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence released by Seattle police today has confirmed, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Kurt Cobain remains dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The two pictures, which comes from four rolls of undeveloped film stumbled upon last month, shows a small cigar box containing a spoon, possibly with heroin residue on… Read more »

Fred Phelps Reincarnated As A Gay US Marine

International media outlets are reporting that Rev. Fred Phleps Sr., the recently deceased founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, has been reincarnated as a 26-year-old homosexual. While no media outlets have been able to gain comment from Phelps in his new human form, the now black Muslim is reportedly distraught at the strange turn of… Read more »