Twink’s Dog Stopped At Dublin Airport Boarding Flight With Fake Documents

MISSING Yorkshire Terrier ‘Teddy’ was stopped boarding a flight to England with fake documents this morning after a national 48-hour dog-hunt was launched by owner Adele King, aka Twink. Security at the airport claim the miniature terrier, dressed in a disguise, attempted to pass a passport checkpoint with a fake dog-collar and was immediately arrested… Read more »

People Queuing For The iPhone 6 Humanely Put Down

A GOOD news story from the world of technology as individuals around the world queuing for the iPhone 6 have been humanely put down. The iPhone 6, a series of buttons, and things you can click on, has continued the trend whereby presumably deranged people who have no grasp on reality queue for days in… Read more »

Inside The Twisted World Of Gay Marriage

WWN takes you, the reader inside the much misunderstood world of gay marriage, civil partnerships and international espionage. This humble reporter was ready to set the world straight (pun very much intended, in fact, I had planned it weeks in advance) on how the divisive rhetoric of the marriage equality debate was needlessly tearing the… Read more »