Ryan Tubridy Found Dead Inside

IRISH broadcaster Ryan Tubridy was reported to have been found “dead inside” at his home in Dublin, it was announced earlier today. The radio and television presenter was said to have been battling life for over forty years, and it is not known when exactly he passed away. “He may have been dead for quite… Read more »

Man United Players To Stick A Fiver In A Card For Moyes

MEMBERS of Manchester United’s first team squad have organised a whip-around for David Moyes following this mornings official confirmation that he had been sacked as team manager after a disastrous season. The rumours over the weekend that the fright-headed Scotsmans position at the club was to come to an end following a 2-0 loss to… Read more »

BBQ’s Forecast “Any Fucking Day Now”

A Met Eireann spokesperson suggested that even if the good weather doesn’t continue Irish people will nevertheless attempt to have BBQs anyway. “Well, there’s the famous Irish BBQ game, of course,” explained a grey, shuffling, Met Eireann spokesperson. “This specifically Irish trait, known as the “I lived under a grey blanket of drudgery for the… Read more »

‘Male’ Order Bride Customer In For Surprise

WWN has learned of a hilarious mix up involving an Irish man and a mail order bride service on the internet. In an incident described by some as simply ‘laugh out loud’, Cork man Richard O’Malley got more than he bargained for after using the website. “It seems obvious now, a simple error on… Read more »