Roy Keane To Be Visited By Three Ghosts On Christmas Eve

FORMER Cobh Ramblers midfielder and current Republic Of Ireland assistant manager Roy Keane is to be visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve, in a last ditch attempt to save the irritable Irishman’s soul from eternal damnation. Keane, was in the news this week following a trademark hot-tempered outburst in which he allegedly attempted to… Read more »

WWN Event Guide

DUBLIN Adopt a leftover protester drive carries on throughout the weekend. Following the large turnout at last week’s water charges protest, many protesters have failed to return home, some have become feral. Families are encouraged to get down to Merrion Sq. in Dublin and if they like the look of one of the adorable upstarts,… Read more »

Garda Crackdown On Pricks Skipping Queues

GARDA forces throughout the country are gearing up for a huge crackdown on pricks who skip queues. While critics of An Garda Síochána have stated they believe the crackdown to be a cynical PR exercise, the majority concluded that ‘it was about bloody time something was done’. It is believed 100% of Irish people encounter… Read more »