The Coronas Moderately Successful In Japan

The popular Irish rock band are said to be very disappointed after returning from a recent tour of Japan. The young Dubliners spent over a month in Japan which saw them play to tens of people in 31 different venues but despite vibrant crowds it has not resulted in a Japanese distribution deal for their… Read more »

Irish Paedophiles Sick Of Being Treated Like Gays

HUNDREDS of convicted paedophiles marched to the gates of the Dáil today to voice their concern over being treated like members of the Irish gay community. Paedophilia rights campaigner, Fr. Patrick Clone and chairman of the Paedo Ring Association, Jerry Hanley, arrived at the gates of Leinster House at 1pm. During the protest, Fr. Clone… Read more »

WWN Horoscopes

Husband number 4 asked me for a divorce this morning so excuse me if I don’t feel like telling you about your shitty little lives. If you’re that desperate just look over last week’s horoscopes. WWN Horoscopes

Badly Injured Wrestler Seems Grand All Of A Sudden

The debilitating shoulder injury which had dogged WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan miraculously healed itself on his way to Heavyweight Championship victory during his match at Wrestlemania 30 last night. The new champion had bore the vague injury for several weeks, during which time every single wrestler he faced targeted the prone area to the extent… Read more »

Court Hears Pistorius Had Sexual Relationship With Gun

GASPS were heard inside the Pretoria courtroom this morning as evidence was presented before the court that insinuated murder accused Oscar Pistorius had been in engaged in a sexual relationship with a firearm. The shocking news broke this morning as a result of several strands of testimony being pieced together. However, rumours that Pistorius was… Read more »

Man Who Locked Keys In Car Also A Scientist

WWN can exclusively reveal that the guy you saw cursing at himself earlier after realising he left his keys in his car is also Ireland’s leading neuroscientist Dr. Richard Holman. In what has been described as both a ‘hilarious’ and ‘frightfully worrying’ incident Ireland’s most senior Doctor in charge of vital research in the area… Read more »

Best Dressed At The IFTAs

As part of our Her Daily EnterJoement series WWN brings you the latest in the world of fun, entertainment and a mild obsession with famous people. Check out the oh-so-fabulous looks straight from the red carpet at this year’s IFTA Awards, Ireland’s premier glitzy and glamorous show in town. Hubba hubba, Oscar nominated and well-respected… Read more »