Off Licence Owner Who Closed 5 Minutes Early Arrested, Jailed

THERE were joyous scenes outside Waterford district courts this morning as Scoops off licence owner William Lafferty was sentenced to five years in prison following a scandalous business practice which has left locals shocked and disgusted. Scoops, which has regular operating hours of 1pm-10pm every day has been embroiled in accusations of closing as many… Read more »

White 100M Sprinters Continue To Dominate 7th Place

EACH passing day sees yet more progress made by white athletes in the 100 metre discipline as they have managed to dominate and make their own, the coveted 7th place spot in one of the most exciting and explosive athletic events. In a race meeting in Paris just last week, German sprinter Wolfgang Strauss romped… Read more »

Healy-Rae Family Score Parts In New Star Wars Movie

WITH filming of Star Wars Episode VII currently underway on the island of Skellig Michael off the coast of Kerry, WWN can report that members of the Healy-Rae political dynasty have bagged parts in the highly anticipated space epic. Although details are scarce, it is believed that Jackie, Danny and Michael Healy-Rae successfully auditioned during… Read more »