Love/Hate Accused Of Glamorising RTÉ

POPULAR crime drama Love/Hate has come under fire from a concerned group of writers and actors who claim the show glamorises RTÉ with its high production values and gripping story-lines. The show, which begins its fifth season on Sunday night, has received widespread critical acclaim for its gritty depiction of gangland crime in Ireland, and… Read more »

The Dark Side Of National Potato Day: Potato Addiction

TODAY marks National Potato Day and while the country rightly celebrates the hardy and versatile food many media outlets choose to ignore the darker side of potatoes in Ireland. PR firms have successfully restored the humble potato’s reputation since the dark days of the famine, but not enough is being done to combat the silent… Read more »

Intern Called Kevin Gets The Fear

I wonder is he on the superb JobBridge scheme? See it does work, great experience #GoKevins well done @TheFearTV — Kevin The Intern (@JobBridgeIntern) October 3, 2014

Shops Increase Umbrella Prices By 400%

RETAILERS up and down the country have come in for criticism following their decision to up the prices of umbrellas by a whopping 400% as of this morning. With many parts of the country battered expected to be drenched by torrential rains, the struggling retail sector has sought to capitalise on the public’s need for… Read more »

Phil Hogan Perfect Cunt For The Job, Finds Europe

MEMBERS of the EU parliament today were left in awe of Irish commissioner designate Phil Hogan’s performance during a three hour question and answers debate with MEPs. In a vote this afternoon, the majority of the panel voted in favour of the Kilkenny politician’s confirmation. “I’ve met some massive cunts in action in my time,… Read more »

Clooney To Spend Weekend In Ikea With The Missus

NEWLYWED actor George Clooney is to spend this weekend getting bits and pieces for the house in Ikea with his wife, renowned barrister and political activist Amal Almuddin. Clooney and Almuddin were married in a lavish ceremony in Venice last week, which was attended by the cream of the Hollywood A-list. Following a 5 day… Read more »

Boss Who Claims He’s A ‘Glass Half Full’ Kind Of Person Actually A Whinging Bollocks

TELESALES supervisor Jerome Murphy was secretly branded a “whinging bollocks” today by agents after delivering a lengthy team discussion on being positive in the workplace. Murphy, who prides himself on his own enthusiasm, advised workers to “smile when speaking on the phone”, as customers can hear it in their voices, adding that having a “glass half full”… Read more »