Deadly Carlow Family Removed From Spider’s Home

WWN has learned of a lucky escape for a vulnerable spider and his offspring after a deadly Carlow family was removed from his home. Horrified inspectors, part of the National Exotic Human Sanctuary (NEHS), stumbled upon a family of five attempting to make an innocent spider’s home their unholy dwelling. Deadly creatures including ‘Dad’, ‘Mom’… Read more »

Larry Mullen Not Entirely Sure What’s Happening

ROCK giants U2 shocked fans, by unveiling their latest studio album “Songs Of Innocence” at yesterday’s star-studded Apple event in Cupertino, California, where the tech giants were showcasing their latest iPhone products. As a further surprise, the global megastars revealed that the album would be available immediately for free to the 500 million iTunes users… Read more »

“A Yes Vote For Independence Is The Only Thing That Makes Social And Economic Sense For The Scottish People”, Says Dublin Scumbag Wearing A Celtic Jersey

AS VOTING day in the Scottish independence referendum draws closer, a Celtic jersey-wearing Dublin toerag has weighed in with his opinion on the crucial poll. With opinions polls showing the Yes side making significant gains against the No vote, Declan “Ecky” Walsh made his argument for an independent Scotland to a congregation of drunks in… Read more »