Printing More Pretend Money The Answer To Everything

THE EUROPEAN Central bank (ECB) announced today a “rescue plan” for its troubled economy, which will see the financial cartel printing an extra 1.1 trillion in imaginary money – called euros – in a bid to counteract previous over-printing and misappropriations of the same currency. ECB president Mario Draghi said the decision to print more paper notes with pretend values… Read more »

30% Increase In Things Being Blamed On The Boogie

LEADING researchers at the Institute of Leading Research have gathered the first conclusive proof that humans have increased the number of things they’re blaming on the boogie by 30%. “We’ve found a good degree of pride is factored into the decision to blame things on the boogie,” explained Professor Hans Von Lauden, “it doesn’t matter… Read more »

Cool New Dublin Start Up Actually A Crack Den

DESPITE innovative tech start ups continuing to gentrify parts of Dublin long unused by the hipster elite, there have been more than one or two failures in the start up revolution. Crack Den, tipped by many to be the big break out star from the Grand Canal area of Dublin this year have today been… Read more »

The Vatican Launches Viral Catholic Website BuzzChrist

THE VATICAN has today announced yet another move toward engaging young lapsed Catholics the World over with its fantastic new viral website BuzzChrist. Similar to internet behemoth Buzzfeed, BuzzChrist will aim to get the Church’s message out to its followers through a variety of list articles and viral focused content. “We today launch the website… Read more »