Pope Francis Voted Playgirls Number One Man For 2013

Women’s pornographic magazine ‘Playgirl’ has today announced that Pope Francis is this years ‘Man Of The Year’ in their December issue. The pontiff will follow in the footsteps of hunky greats Tom Seleck and George Clooney in what is set to be one of his greatest achievements to date. The Vatican stated earlier that the… Read more »

Top Five Fingers Of 2013

It’s that time of year again when we bring you the hottest fingers on any one hand of 2013. We have been inundated with emails for this years round up, and I hope you will not be disappointed. Last year’s controversial win by ‘The Thumb’ caused outrage both here and in the UK, with many… Read more »

WWN’s Timeline To Quitting The Fags

  •  20 minutes Its been twenty whole minutes since your last ever smoke. You begin to panic throw away whatever tobacco is left in the house. You peer through your closed blinds, wondering what will become of the world now that you’ve given up. Maybe you should have waited till Monday. Monday is always… Read more »

Government To Launch Social Welfare Chain Gangs In 2014

CUTTING hedges, digging ditches and cleaning sewerage drains could all come part of the social welfare claimants daily working routine in 2014, according to Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan today. Chain gangs of unemployed people who failed to find work will take up new positions in local authorities from early next year, carrying out… Read more »