McIlroy To Settle On Accent Later This Year

FOLLOWING his stunning USA PGA title victory last night, Rory McIlroy has today pledged to decide on an accent by the end of the year, adding that he will strive to continue his dominance in the world of professional golf while being a bit easier to understand. The 25-year-old golf sensation from Northern Ireland, Ireland,… Read more »

Viral Video Fears As Shortage In Irish People Returning Home To Surprise Their Mammy Continues

A NATIONWIDE appeal has been made by a number of prominent entertainment websites in a bid to increase the ever dwindling presence of inspiring and tear-jerking Irish viral videos which see Irish emigrants return home to surprise their mammies. The Daily Edge,,,,, and plus 1,000 other Irish websites have… Read more »

Newly Out Gay Man Overwhelmed By Fag Hag Applications

CONOR Dolan, a UCD student originally from Cork, has admitted he is in some difficulty following his decision to come out as a homosexual man. “I’m just overwhelmed,” admitted the science student, “I think my family have known for a few years, but some of my newer friends, ones from college, well, they’ve just bombarded… Read more »