Michael Bay To Direct 1916 Rising Movie

DEADLINE Hollywood is reporting that American film director Michael Bay is prepping a ‘dramatic reimagining’ of the 1916 Easter Rebellion, which was mounted by Irish Republicans with the aim of ending British rule in Ireland. With his latest, Transformers: Age of Extinction, in the can Bay is reportedly excited to ‘do to the 1916 Rising… Read more »

Ask The Agony Bin

Hi Bin, My name is Nigel, and I’m a self-taught taxidermist. I have taken to stuffing cats, and putting them into poses in my attempt to reconstruct the battle of Helms Deep, from the Lord of the Rings saga. But I find that the cats are rather reluctant to be stuffed, have grown resistant to… Read more »

Lad On Bus Gets Random Erection Just Before His Stop

WWN understands that earlier today a Dublin man was treated for shock following an incident involving his erection. Patrick Dooley, a 22 year-old DIT student, was on the 16 bus heading out of town when the disturbing incident occurred. Eye witness accounts state that Patrick seemed to look around nervously as the bus approached the… Read more »