Stephen And Steven Destined To Be Mortal Enemies

As Stephen Quinlan enjoyed a few sociable drinks yesterday evening he was introduced to his future arch nemesis Steven Doyle. Tom Flanagan, Stephen’s best friend since childhood brought along his work colleague Steven feeling the two of them were destined to really hit it off. Tom mentioned to his two friends how they had plenty… Read more »

Drug Trade To Be Recognised By FAS

Yet more good cheer as we approach Christmas with the announcement today that FAS will recognise the burgeoning drugs trade by implementing a course of its own on the discipline. The past several months have seen drug seizure after drug seizure resulting in a tough environment for those working in the industry. Course coordinator Michael… Read more »

Swans More Evil Than You Could Ever Have Imagined

A report issued today by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine claims that a swan’s capacity for pure evil far exceeds the levels once previously accepted. A spokesperson for the Dept. has pleaded with the public to remain vigilant at all times even in locations one would not normally associate with swans like… Read more »

Becoming Homeless Even More Fashionable, New Figures Reveal

News that the number of homeless people in Dublin has nearly trebled in recent times has been met with a mixed reaction. While many people involved with homeless charities and organisations have labelled the current situation a travesty the city’s taste makers have been welcoming of the news. WWN took to the capital and sought… Read more »

Man Cycling To Work Acting Like He’s Saving The Fucking World

Jon Moore, a 33-year-old bike-to-work aficionado, was giving drivers the ‘death stare’ this morning on the way to work. The not-remotely-smug PR consultant just couldn’t believe the number of people driving into Dublin’s city centre at around 8.35am this morning. Mr. Moore, a dedicated cyclist, knows full well the efforts he has personally gone to… Read more »

Kerry Hospitals Now Charging Patients For Oxygen

FOLLOWING on from recent revelations that staff at two Kerry hospitals have been charging staff for boiling water, comes the shocking news that patients are being charged for vital oxygen too. Many Irish people were outraged that staff were being charged for boiling water that accompanies their tea. Pressure has been put on the Government… Read more »