Stupid Fucking Idiots Easily Offended

THE MOST moronic among us are susceptible to taking offence to almost anything, it has emerged. A study conducted by the Institute of Studies has concluded that even the slightest mention of some opinion or thought contrary to one that a brainless idiot holds results in that fucking idiot taking offence. “It’s really quite simple,”… Read more »

Irish Man To Spend Entire Day Masturbating To Pornsites In Celebration Of Internets 25th Birthday

NATIONAL UNIVERSITY of Ireland student Kenneth Hackett has pledged to spend the entire day masturbating to various different pornsites in celebration of the Internets 25th birthday today. Mr. Hackett told fellow classmates that he will begin his wankfest shortly after 10am, before continuing right on into the lunchtime period. There he is expected to take… Read more »

JJ Abrams to Assist Malaysian Airline Authorities With ‘Lost’ Flight MH370

DIRECTOR JJ Abrams has agreed to assist Malaysian airline authorities in their search for missing flight MH370. Following days of investigations leading nowhere, the 47-year-old flew into the capital Kuala Lumpur earlier this morning to aid in the search. “We have already exhausted our resources.” stated lead investigator Azharuddin Abdul Rahman. “Due to Mr. Abrams… Read more »