Man Cheats Death After Noticing Mold On Slice Pan

A LISMORE man is counting his lucky stars after coming within inches of killing himself earlier today in his kitchen, WWN can reveal. Geoff Higgins, a 32-year-old IT consultant, was preparing his breakfast just like any other morning only to feel the eery hand of Death brush against him. “Coffee, banana, toast with several clumps… Read more »

“Jesus, You Can’t Say ANYTHING These Days”

AS PART of our WWN Voices series, we give a platform to people that we really shouldn’t. Today is the turn of Darron McTowell, a staunch defender of George Hook’s right to say whatever he likes, and a frequent presence in over 200 comments sections. Okay, great! I hope you’re happy feminist liberal Antifa pro-anti-everything…. Read more »

5 Things Millennials Killed Off

TAKE A look around you today, and you’re going to see a world that you barely recognise from the one you grew up in- and it’s all thanks to pesky millennials. From killing off Xtra-Vision with their downloading and streaming, to wrecking the rental market with their insistence on paying huge sums of money for tiny… Read more »

Galway Fan’s Jersey Starting To Stink A Bit

MAYOR of Galway Pearce Flannery has today called an emergency meeting in the town hall after receiving a series of complaints about locals continuing to wear their Galway hurling jerseys following their All Ireland Hurling Final win some 8 days ago. Hundreds of shop and business owners in the city centre have asked for die-hard… Read more »