Kilkenny Declares 3 Weeks Of Mourning

RESIDENTS of Kilkenny are reportedly  unavailable for comment today after the county officially declared it will be taking three weeks of mourning after being defeated by neighbouring rivals Waterford in an All-Ireland qualifier yesterday afternoon. Shadowing over the now empty streets of Kilkenny city, a black and amber flag flying at half mast over Nolan… Read more »

Playground Study Confirms Girls Are Gross

THE final playground poll of the school year conducted among boys aged 5-9 has found once again that girls are gross, WWN can exclusively confirm. The findings come as primary schools across the country prepare to finish up the term and break for summer, and confirms yet again what is on the minds of young… Read more »

There’s A “Rob” Kardashian, Apparently

WWN are receiving confirmed reports of the existence of a Robert “Rob” Kardashian, apparently a brother of the Kardashian sisters, who has generated headlines about himself with the aid of stories about his ex-wife or his house burning down or something. “Rob”, who shares the family’s genetics with a tendency towards large breasts, a huge… Read more »