World War III To Be Fought Solely On Twitter

AS the world has entered a period of nuclear uncertainty not seen since the days of the Cold War, fears are growing that the declaration of World War III could lead to the decimation of the Earth’s population in a swift but decisive nuclear fire, scorching billions to death in the blink of an eye… Read more »

McGregor’s Baby In Heated Stand-Off During Ultrasound

THERE were tense scenes at today’s weigh-in for Conor McGregor’s upcoming first child, as the spirited foetus squared up to the doctor performing his ultrasound, reportedly telling him to ‘get that fuckin’ thing out of my face’. The Notorious Baby McGregor was getting a routine check up at the time, and took issue with what he… Read more »

World Gonna Try Not Paying Attention To Trump For A Week

THE world has come together this morning to make the challenging but perfectly understandable decision to ignore US President Donald Trump for the week, favouring to just get on with their lives, WWN has learned. Growing increasingly irritated by the mere mention of the billionaire turned reality TV star turned sexual assault advocate turned politician,… Read more »