Ireland’s Most ‘Googled’ Terms In 2018


AS 2018 draws to a close Google has released its annual list of the country’s most searched terms, phrases and words and the results are fairly predictable you sick, sick, bastards.

Usually Google releases a sanitised version of their annual list of Ireland’s most searched terms, which saves us all from being embarrassed about the fact the most popular thing on the web, in Ireland and around the world, is always and will always be pornography. Endless pornography.

Speaking at the release of the list one Google employee dry retched several times as she read out the list.

“We could have continued this charade of pretending you lot just looked up ‘Meghan Markle wedding dress’ or ‘World Cup’ or ‘Johnny Sexton drop goal’ but the time to cut that bullshit is now you perverts,” confirmed the employee.

Without further ado here is the complete list:

10. Milf

9. How do you delete your search history before your wife sees it?

8. Dilf

7. How do you delete your search history before your husband sees it?

6. Gilf

5. How do you delete your search history before your grandkids see it?

4. Meghan Markle wedding dress

3. GAA based porn, but with a solid storyline, a bit of heart, ya know?

2. Excuses for why you were looking up porn when you’re after getting caught

1. Hard, hard, hard backstop

You’re disgusting. Every one of you.

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