Revenue Shakes Down Small Business For Late Payment Like Drug Dealer


A COUNTY Waterford businessman is being treated for shock today after being shaken down by Revenue henchmen over a late payment after a slow quarter left him strapped for cash and unable to meet his deadline.

Mark Sharpe, who runs a retail business in the city, was 10 days late with his VAT payment when he was first contacted through an abruptly worded letter threatening to take away his possessions and to jail him unless he pays up in 7 days, while also issuing him a substantial penalty.

“I was late because I had no money in my account and now they want to charge me more money for not having any money: where’s the logic in that?” Sharpe insisted, now anxiously peering through his window at his van outside in the hopes it won’t be taken away by Sheriffs, “all I’m doing now is worrying about this threat to my family and our livelihood”.

“I’ve never missed a payment in 8 years and now all of a sudden they’re treating me like a criminal. The bastards have been cleaning out my account every four months and yet casually snub thirteen billion euros from Apple. Yeah, what a great little country to do corrupt business in. Honest business – not so much.

“A fucking drug dealer would have more compassion than these Nazis,” he concluded.

UPDATE: Mark Sharpe has since been jailed, but on the bright side, he has got his 15 minutes of fame after making it into the Irish Times tax evaders list along with other small to medium business criminals.

Local Student Will Not Purchase Anything Without A Student Discount

Local Student Will Not Purchase Anything Without A Student Discount

Posted by Waterford Whispers News on Thursday, 14 February 2019
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