Do You Have Enough Glittery Shit Stuck To Your Face?


WITH the summer festival season well and truly underway, WWN have noticed a number of young women heading out wearing what appears to be glittery jewels super-glued to their faces; proof that either young people are bereft of sense, or that we are totally and hopelessly removed from what it must feel like to actually enjoy life.

Having decided that it’s most definitely the former, WWN has launched an investigation into this new bejeweling phenomenon, and to date we have yet to find the origin of the craze, the source of the jewels themselves, or indeed anything other than endless selfies of pretty young women enjoying open air concerts with large amounts of coloured Perspex painstakingly glued to their faces.

“Normally, you can go back and find a post on social media where one trendsetter kicked it all off,” said our mate Gareth.

“But with this, it’s like the entire 17-28 demographic woke up one day, covered their forehead with Bostik and took a run at a stained-glass window”.

With middle-aged men around the country yet to form their opinion on the matter, WWN puts the question to you the reader; how much glittery shit on your face is too much glitter shit on your face?

Do You Have Enough Glittery Shit Stuck To Your Face?

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