Boring Man Talks Passionately About Golf


AT THE risk of driving people to fall asleep while standing up, a local boring man has gone on record to speak passionately about golf, WWN understand.

Cormac Nevlin (32), a notoriously boring man, spoke to coworkers about making the most of the recent good weather by playing a round of golf at his local club, forcing his colleagues to stifle their yawns in a bid not to appear too rude.

Rather than talk about anything of actual interest that could hold people’s interest and enthusiasm for longer than 8 seconds, Nevlin talked people through how he hooked a drive on the second tee box but managed to recover for a par.

Nevlin then went on to discuss at length the favourites for the US Open which starts today.

“I would not object to this building collapsing in on all of us,” explained Elaine Droughly, Nevlin’s coworker, “no mention of the nature, the drive their, the sunshine, just how ‘deceptive the greens were’ and he said it all like we’d actually give a shit,” added Droughly, who plays the odd time herself but knows not to bring it up.

Nevlin, unaware that his stock within the office was nose diving with each passionate discussion of golf-related happenings, continued to relay anecdotes that no one wanted to hear.

“Christ, he’s one boring fucker, and I know what I’m talking about, I’m an accountant,” Droughly concluded, before just walking away from the conversation without bothering to make up an excuse.

Local Student Will Not Purchase Anything Without A Student Discount

Local Student Will Not Purchase Anything Without A Student Discount

Posted by Waterford Whispers News on Thursday, 14 February 2019
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