Unemployed Dublin Man Fined For Speeding


AN unemployed Dublin man was fined €400 at Blanchardstown District Court yesterday after pleading guilty to a speeding offence, WWN can confirm.

Conor Anthony McGregor, of no fixed abode, appeared in court after being ordered to do so by a judge after he was recorded driving at 158km/h in a 100km/h zone earlier this year.

The defendant, who is known to gardaí and said to have connections with underworld figures, entered the court wearing a green tracksuit and white trainers before apologising to the judge for failing to attend previous court dates, stating he was too busy looking for work at the time.

Defending solicitor Graham Kenny said his client was pleading guilty to the charge and asked if the fine could be paid in installments as Mr. McGregor is currently unemployed, pointing out he was getting “the odd nixer here and there” and that his unemployed partner recently had a baby boy and they were struggling to survive on their last €140mn pay cheque.

Judge Miriam Walsh took Mr. McGregor’s heartfelt apology on board, fined him €400 and gave him two months to pay, confirming that he could “pay by installments”.

A rather sheepish Mr. McGregor then left court while hiding his face in shame, before quietly getting into his car, putting on his seatbelt and driving off very carefully, adhering to the city speed limits.

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