The 5 Shocking Jay Z & Solange Pictures You HAVE To See


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier!!!

WWN brings you exclusive images of the Met Gala which bring us closer to knowing what exactly happened to cause that shocking fight between Jay Z and sister-in-law Solange Knowles.

The internet has been wild with speculation but now you know for sure as we always bring you the breaking news first!


Looks like Jay Z has about 100 problems now, check out the look on Solange’s face, she ain’t happy with something Hova said. Uh oh! These exclusive pictures bring us closer to what happened!


Turns out Queen Bey was right, girls really do run the world, lol! The Met Gala was a ‘knife’ to remember, Jay Z obviously not impressed with Solange brandishing a deadly weapon maybe he’s not able for the hard knock life anymore 🙂


What. Is. Beyoncé doing? Love certainly isn’t on top here. Say what? Stand by your man Bey. While we don’t know what went on, it is definitely worth nothing Beyoncé doesn’t look so crazy in love here lol!


Nobody puts Solange in the corner! This is the first clinical proof Jay Z is at fault for all of this. Just look at the fuzzy outline of his hand, he deserved it!


We think Solange took her sister’s lyrics to heart ‘all the single ladies, now put your hands up’. We don’t think she meant assaulting her husband though ha ha, lol! We can’t believe it either, the crazy world of celebrities continue to amaze us and amuse us 😉 Seriously though physical abuse of any kind is wrong, lol!

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