Adams Denies Involvement In Last Nights Primetime Interview



SINN FEIN leader Gerry Adams repeatedly denied any involvement in a televised interview with Miriam O’Callaghan on RTE’s ‘Prime Time’ last night.

Mr. Adams told WWN earlier that the interview was ‘staged’ by the national broadcaster and a lookalike actor was paid to answer the presenters questions in a very unprofessional manner indeed.

“I wasn’t even in Dublin at the time.” he said. “Me and teddy were on our way to the cinema in Dundalk when the ‘live’ program was aired.”

“That man last night was an imposter and doesn’t even look like me.

“His eyes were made of buttons.”

The Sinn Fein leader also denied the existence of the IRA, stating that the ‘so-called’ terrorist organisation was an urban legend made up by the British government in order to conduct years of violence against the Catholic community of Northern Ireland.

“I will give a pot of gold to any Irish man or woman who can show me an IRA soldier eating a breakfast roll in a balaclava and full army gear.” he said. “Maybe i’ll have to go chasing rainbow ends to find one.”

“Sometimes I lick peoples elbows when they are not looking.” he added.

The 64-year-old then pulled out a teddy bear from his briefcase and whispered: “Maybe Mr. Teddy knows where the bold IRA men live, do you ted?”

Mr Adams finished by saying that he didn’t like the colour of teddy’s bow-tie and had to go home and change before Dáil proceedings started today, adding: “Silly daddy forgot it was polka-dot Tuesdays today, didn’t he?”

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