Israel: ‘Iran keeps staring at us and making funny faces’

ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said today that Iran keeps staring at his country and making funny faces when the rest of the world is not looking.

The chairman of the Likud Party also claimed the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was solely responsible for everything bad happening to Israel at the moment.

“I know its him. He’s always at it.

“Its those beady little eyes of his that makes my blood boil!” Mr. Netanyahu told UN officials today.

Unconfirmed Israeli media reports claim that Iran had been looking at Israel for quite some time, and that numerous face pulling practices were being reported by Israeli special forces, who are currently surveying the Iranian border.

“I swear, if they do it one more time we’re going in there.” warned the Israeli leader.

American president Barak Obama, who strongly condemns rude gestures between nations, called for peace between the two sides and has told Mr. Netanyahu to take no notice of Iran as it was ‘only jealous’.

Iranian officials have responded to the staring and face pulling allegations as ‘ludicrous’ and said that the Isreali prime minister was ‘paranoid out of it’.

President Ahmadinejad told UN officials that Iran was only staring in that direction because it heard a loud bang at the time, and that the sun was shining in its eyes when it looked over.

The stares and funny faces came amid heightening tensions between Israel and Iran over its nuclear programme, which when finished, will be totally used to blow up its next door neighbours. Because that’s how they roll.

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