Waterford Young Fella Earns Spot In Olympic Shape Throwing Finals


WATERFORD young fella Danny Phealan made history today in Liverpool when he became the first ever shape thrower from Ireland to ‘qualify’ for the Olympic finals in London.

The 22-year-old, from Larchville, will compete for his country against twenty four other competitors from around the world.

Phealan smashed his previous record by throwing over 20 different shapes while walking the 1,000 metre course this morning.

Throwing shapes only became recognised as an Olympic sport last year and has since become hugely popular among young ‘townies’ across the country.

“I started throwing shapes when I was 13 and it kind of took off from there.” said Phealan.

“I suppose it was a defence thing in a way to make meself look bigger and that.”

Danny’s manager and father, Tom Phealan, said his son was one of the biggest shapers he has seen in Ireland and the UK in a long long time and expects at least a bronze medal from him this year.

“I tell ya one thing boy! If he doesn’t win something i’ll show him fucking shapes. Fist shapes!” he joked.

The throwing shapes event involves nine competitors to walk 1000 metres in the quickest time possible while throwing as many shapes as they can.

Competitors will be marked on arm sway, outward feet position, chest pump and intimidating head posture.

Three mobile phone to the ear shapes, two walking pitbull on lease shapes and at least one ‘do you want your go’ shape must be thrown during each 1000 metre dash.

Bonus points for originality are counted as Mr. Phealan concludes: ‘I have a few tricks up me sleeve boy.’

“My ‘drop yer stash in the drain’ manoeuvre is gonna blow the judges away this year.”

WWN wishes Danny all the best in London 2012.

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