Women Only Magazines In Medical Waiting Rooms ‘Sexist’ Says Chauvinistic Male Pig


CHAUVINISTIC male pig, Patrick Browne, has slammed medical surgeries across the country today for their ‘Women’s Only’ magazine policy in waiting rooms, saying it was both ‘sexist and ignorant’ to male men who liked to read about manly stuff.

Men groups said the practice, which only caters for the female population, showed how naive the medical profession in Ireland has gone.

Numerous surgeries have admitted the policy was ‘out-dated’ and are currently reviewing their glossy magazine distribution procedures.

Mr. Browne told WWN today he was ‘sick to the teeth’ of being treated as an illiterate monkey man by female run doctor surgeries.

“Its not like men don’t get sick and go to the doctor or something!

“There’s nothing worse than waiting for an hour and all you have to read is some stupid women’s magazine telling me about Jordon’s cellulite or Cheryl fucking Cole’s American linguistic trauma! I don’t want to know about them stupid bastards or the seven hundred thousand cosmetics they advertise in-between the 30 word articles.

“All I want to read about is cars, sports and ass! Is that too much to ask?”

Browne said he had previously criticised a receptionist for handing him a copy of OK Magazine when he asked for some ‘decent reading material’.

“What planet are these people on? She might as well have handed me an ‘Anne and Barry’ book. At least then I could get to read something that made sense.” he added.

Dr, Collins, head of the local surgery said: “We have taken everything Mr.Browne has told us and I have personally asked the reception staff to make sure there is at least a copy of Maxim or Top Gear in the waiting room for the male patients.”

“Hopefully this will be a turning point for Irish medical waiting rooms.”

However, many surgeries have refused comment to WWN on the practice.

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