Vast Sinkhole Swallows Thousands Of Festival Fans


A MASSIVE hole, caused by 2 days of torrential rain, has appeared smack bang in the middle of Punchestown race-course swallowing tens of thousands of Oxegen fans.

The enormous crater appeared while fans gathered  for the Friday night main event.

Witnesses claim that the majority of the crowd got swallowed up just as JZ was about to perform “99 Problems” from the 2003 Black Album.

“Everyone was shouting and cheering for JZ. He came on and the crowd just went wild. Everyone was jumping up and down in the pouring rain. The atmosphere was amazing. Then all of a sudden I could hear this loud BANG, like a bomb had just went off. The whole place just seemed to cave in. The people in front of me just seemed to disappear into the ground. It was pretty f**king awesome man.” said 19 year old Thomas Smith.

On the edge of the 900 foot hole, fans caked in dirt searched for their loved ones and i-phones as the stench of mud and sewage from the gaping void filled the air. Emergency workers urged survivors to leave the area as soon as possible and head to the camping sites for safety.

“This is absolute chaos.” said civil defence captain Gerard Hughes.

“People are scrambling around the edge shouting for loved ones, hoping someone will answer. We estimate the hole to be 500 feet deep. They hadn’t a chance.” he added

Curious onlookers are still gathered at the massive and almost perfectly circular sinkhole that swallowed an entire generation of festival fans.

Large metal railings are now being placed around the perimeter by the civil defence to stop any more revellers from falling in.

“We need to have the fence secured in time for  Sunday’s line up. Eminem, Faithless, The Prodigy and many more acts are headlining the last day of the event and it promises to be a good one.

“As they say in show business: The show must go on!”

MCD have announced that an extra 38,000 tickets are up for grabs on their website from 6pm today. These are one day tickets only and will cost €190 per ticket with an additional €57 booking fee.

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