Richie Kavanagh To Cook Up A Storm On TV3


The new TV3 cookery show will feature a mix of recipes from the Carlow mans very own home, and reminiscences about his “personal food memories”.

Each of the six episodes will focus on a different theme and Richie, the unwanted love child of coach Tycoon JJ Kavanagh, will revisit “treasured and nostalgic” places which relate to his recipes.

Gordon Ramseys television company, Angry bastard Productions, is making the as-yet-untitled show. It will be broadcast next year on TV3.

“Cooking often causes emotionally filled flashbacks for me, from getting beaten with a pack of frozen Denny sausages by my step dad to riding my first bucking ass when i was just 16 and with this show we will run the gamut – from a single dinner that suits bachelors to a horney rabbit like family feast for 20,” he said. “It’s cooking with an anecdotal thread – irreverent, unpredictable and not without flaw.”

Recipes featured on the show include sausages and vinegar sandwichs and strawberry jelly made with evaporated tripe.

Mr Kavanagh joins a TV3 roster which includes Darina Allen and the multi talented Corrigan who has laughed off talk of a rivalry between the two men, saying recently: “What should I tell you about Richie? he’s a smelly fat farmer from Carlow and im deadly I am, he can focail right off.”

Alan Cantwell, controller of TV3, said: “We are delighted to be bringing Richies culinary talents to the channel. Not only are his recipes fantastic, he’s a great singer, funny and a little bit freaky. He’ll be in great company alongside our other homecooking heroines, Darina and Corrigan, only thing is that he’ll just have to lose those wooly fingerless peado gloves, its a bit creepy.”

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