New TV3 Programme ‘Banged Up A Broad’ To Air In Autumn


TV3 HAVE announced their decision to air a controversial new documentary series depicting the tragic true stories of several young men after they ‘banged up a broad’ while on holiday.

Among the stories to have been told is that of 24-year-old Patrick Casey from Waterford City, who spent several years on the Costa Del Sol after he was tricked into fathering a child by a local girl.

Casey had previously spent two months travelling around the south cost of Spain while living in Marbella,  working part-time as a bar man in his Uncles Irish pub.

The series starts with Casey going out with a group of friends for a night out on the town. Several clubs and drinks later, they decided to visit a popular strip club for ‘late ones’.

At the bar, Patrick met a very attractive 18-year-old local girl by the name of Lara; he was immediately smitten and also very desperate for the ride. Patrick was also running out of ‘hetro cred’ with his new found friends – who sometimes called him ‘Chelsea boy’ and ‘fanny dodger’.

Of course, to quench any doubts, he moved in for the kill and scored with the hot young Spaniard.

Casey claims that soon after they kissed, she made him a proposal, “Come back to my place for a little fun time, I will do anything you want me to.”

Patrick drunkenly agreed to the offer.

The story then follows the unfortunate Casey as he is confronted nine months later at his Uncles Irish bar by the evil pregnant Spanish girl. The hour long programme fits in all the trials and tribulations of the naive Irish mans journey to hell.

The episodes typically follow the same format or structure as its sister programme ‘Banged up abroad’.

Each episode contains a mix of original interviews and reconstructed footage of the males prenatal journey. The snared men are then shown talking about their horrific experiences to the camera in a slightly darkened room with silly plastic television props.

The main focus plays heavily on the events leading up to the conception. In Mr. Casey’s case, at the end of the episode, he is shown sitting with a slightly darker skinned baby; he is still trapped in the nightmare! But this is just one episode. In other stories the father accused has either escaped, or has been deported for some reason by the authorities from where they are telling their story.

Due to the low-brow nature of the new television series, TV3 have decided to air the first episode at a slightly later time of 11:30pm.

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