Jim Corr In ‘Dirty Protest’ Over Media Conspirator Conspiring To Debunk His Latest Conspiracy Theory.


MUSICIAN, Steven Ignatius Corr, has begun a dirty protest, smearing excrement on his own face and wearing nothing only a fairtrade united colours of beniton T-Shirt. He plans to stay like this in his bedroom for a whole week, eating only take out food and relying solely on You Tube to voice his opinion.

The Irish musician and song writer decided to take this step after reading a newspaper article which debunked his latest conspiracy theory on why Ireland had such a cold Winter last year.

Corr claimed that ‘The New World Order’ was testing alien technology over the skies of Western Europe to see if they could influence the climate.

Corr stated on his website: ‘It is quiet obvious that there are outside influences at work here. This technology was acquired by the US government over 50 years ago in Roswell New Mexico. It is only now they have finally been able to ‘back-engineer’ it for their own gain. The American military are using the technology via satelite to control our weather system and test its capabilities.’

Gerard Flemming, the metrologist who wrote the article debunking the claims, said that Corr was ‘absolutely crazy’ and that weather patterns change all the time. Flemming described Corr as ‘mentally ill’ and wrote that he ‘definitely needs some help’.

Corr is protesting against the article and is also claiming that Gerard Fleming was ‘one of them’.

In a press conference on-line he stated “Gerard Fleming works for RTE, but they work for the new world order. Its bigger than you will ever imagine. Like most of his weather colleagues, Fleming uses Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to control his audiences. That wink he gives is designed to make you feel comfortable so you will believe in him. He is probably ranked high up there in the grand scheme of new world order things.”

When asked about why he smeared excrement on his own face, Corr replied “because its my face, and I own it, and no one can take that away from me.”

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