David Norris – ‘€234m To Fund Gay Toilet Project’


SENATOR and human rights gay man, David Norris, is to seek almost €234m in funding for the governments new Gay toilets project which was named “loo’s for us too” by the Campaign for Homosexual Law Reform.

Senator Norris, visiting Waterfords Dignity bar today — said it was vital that gay men and women get their own space and freedom, “this should also include our own designated area for the excretion of bodily fluids” he stated.

The new scheme would fund the building of additional gay lavatories for every public government owned building in the country. The project will not cover bars and restaurants but that is soon to change late next year.

Mr Norris bluntly warned about the problems of mixed sexual orientated toilets.

He said “Basically, many gay men feel threatened by straight men in public toilets, for example, straight men don’t use wipes after urination, they simply shake up and zip up. Why should we become ‘wipe shy’ when they are around? Its simple. We need our own area where we can feel free to freshen up, without having to feel paranoid, its 2009 for Gods sake, its time for change….”

Senator Norris stressed that the Gay community require specific requirements.

“We need to be free, to do what we want to do.” he said.

Hygienic wipes in stainless steel holders beside urinals, extra soft toilet roll, full length mirrors, self cleaning seats, cologne vending machines and man-bag holders are to be installed in all 5,345 proposed new gay toilets.

Norris wants permission from the Department of Finance for an extra $3.9m to install 12 inch LCD screens on the back of the cubicle doors for advertising purposes.

This project is due to start in December ’11.

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