Bono Pays Tribute To ‘Inspirational’ Paul Hewson


YOUR AMAZING AND WONDERFUL, you’re the alpha and omega and the most perfect friend a person can have.

Bono sang these words in an emotional tribute to his idol in a Dalkey bar shortly after midnight last night, a WWN source can reveal.

The U2 front man stated that he owed all his world wide success and fame to his best friend and mentor who also gave him “the will to fight for the things I believed in and the strength to carry me through my times of need.”

Paul Hewson is “probably the coolest, sexiest and most intelligent men of our time” Bono told a packed Finnegans bar in Dalkey.

“If there was only one person I would want to be stranded on a desert island with it would be Paul David Hewson. What a guy.

“If I wasn’t male I would marry him….hahahaha.” Bono joked.

Fellow band member The Edge (David Evans), Adam Clayton and U2 manager Paul McGuinness were also in the bar last night to raise their glasses to their long time friend Mr. Hewson.

A source close to the band members stated that Bono likes to pay tribute to ‘Mr. Hewson’ on a regular basis.

She said “I suppose he’s very thankful to Paul for all he’s done for him. It’s just a shame that Bono is Paul.

These late night Hewson tributes usually come after his first bottle of hennessey. That’s when the whole third person thing kicks in. We’re just used to it by now. What can you do? Just raise your glasses and smile I suppose. He really does insist you toast with him. He can get quiet stroppy if you don’t.”

It is reported that the U2 members stayed until  last orders and were quietly prompted to leave shortly after 1am by pub owner Pat Finnegan.

In one last toast Bono stood up and said that his strongest memories of ‘Paul’ was his beautiful singing voice and his uncanny ability to draw in the crowd.

Standing and raising his empty brandy glass Bono shouted emotionally: “He was amazing on stage. A real inspiration to everyone he met. All the women loved him. He had long flowing hair like Jesus of Nazareth and he sang like an angel in mid-orgasm. I knew from watching him on stage that I just wanted to be like him and do what ever he did. He’s a God in his own right. To you Paul. A true gentleman and a very intelligent  scholar.”

A taxi pulled up shortly afterwards and all five men were whisked away to their Kiliney homes.

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